Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Last Week's Thrifty Moves

On Sunday the weather was absolutely beautiful.  We got home from our weekend getaway and we got right to work unloading the food from the motorhome refrigerator and starting a load of laundry.  While the washer ran I vacuumed out the RV and she is all ready for our next trip.  That is how we roll! 😏

I hung the Sunday washing up outside on the clotheslines.  My first time doing so this year.  I love the fresh smell of the towels when they dry outdoors.  Hurray!

After hanging up the wash I made a quick trip to the Fred Meyer gas station to fill up my car.  I used my rewards card and saved 10¢ a gallon.  Yay! Then we were off to Trader Joes for produce to round out what I already had at home.

A friend lent us some DVDs so we finished off our weekend with a Sci-Fi themed Family Movie Nite.

Monday I had to drop my daughter off at BSU to play in the band for graduation.  I took that opportunity, since it is close to the library, to drop off the books I had finished in the drive-thru book return.  I did not pick up any new ones to read as I am now trying out their eBooks on my Kindel.

Tuesday we went to my youngest's outdoor orchestra concert to enjoy their final performance for the school year.  It was very nice and the weather couldn't have been more perfect.

Penelope laid this double yoker!

Wednesday one of my dear friends came over for a quick visit.  While she was here she bought 2 dozen eggs.  Our next door neighbor came over a couple days later and bought a dozen.  The chickens have now earned enough to pay for the bag of feed I bought for them last week with money left over.  Love that!

We gave the chickens our kitchen scraps and some stale bread.  I also picked them a huge pile of dandelion greens from our back yard which they love.  Right now we have a lot of good weeds in the backyard for them.  We also let them out to do a bug patrol in our yard, which we do quite often.  They keep the earwigs and ants in check quite nicely.

On Thursday a coworker bought me lunch at Subway.  It was totally unexpected and very much appreciated.

Yogurt dippers on markdown

I printed several $3 OFF coupons for laundry detergent from Coupons.com.  I also downloaded a gob of digital coupons to my Fred Meyer rewards card and the weekly Friday Freebie for a pint of Silk almond coffee creamer.  I chose caramel flavor.

Saturday morning I was up bright and early and ready to make the most of my three day holiday weekend.  After a fried egg sandwich it was off to Walgreens to use those laundry detergent coupons.  They had the detergent on sale for $3.99 so I picked up four bottles at 99¢ each.  The regular price was $6.99 each.  Holy smokes!

Next stop was Home Depot to return a few items I didn't need.  I had paid for them with a gift card so they gave me store credit which was perfectly fine.  We then wheeled our way through the store and picked up a hodge podge of items to complete a whole slew of different projects I had on my list.  I used my store credit plus a $25 Visa gift card I had and all my supplies were FREE!

Be sure to check out Thursday's post to see what all I did over the weekend.  It was a bunch of stuff, let me tell you.

Fred Meyer was our final stop to pick up fresh produce and a few other items for the holiday weekend.  Because in addition to all the projects going on at our house we were also entertaining guests.

I grabbed ice cream and rootbeer on sale to make floats

Throughout the week I washed out several ziploc bags to reuse.  I composted banana peels, egg shells and coffee grounds.

I pulled a few leftover items from the freezer in the kitchen to use to prepare meals throughout the week.  I still need to work on clearing more items out of there.

Phew!  How was your thrifty week?


  1. You have been busy! We get free eggs from my dad who has his own chickens. We've become spoiled by those yummy eggs and hope to never have to buy store bought eggs again.

    1. There is nothing better than fresh eggs you raise yourself.

  2. I really, really wish I could find those marked-down veggie trays at our King Soopers... sigh.
    I went and redeemed the free Monopoly coupons today, along with a bunch of others were expiring. Apparently everyone and their sister had the same idea, because there were a bunch of folks in Safeway comparing coupons and lists. I'm glad they do this, but by the time you trudge around finding everything, you're exhausted. (At least I am.) Best buy: those Magnum bars, which the Brick would practically kill for -- reg. $4.95 on sale for $2.50. I had a coupon off, so $1.50. (Yes, they're worth it.) 99-cent ice cream Lucerne bars, and $3.50 for a huge pkg of Blue Bunny sundae cones (reg $6 or $7, I forget) -- plus I had TWO coupons, each $1 off that they honored. It was worth it, getting them all stuffed in the freezer. Ice cream goodies all summer: Whoo hoo!

    1. OMGosh! Those Magnum bars are sooo good. You did fantastic with the coupons.


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