Friday, May 26, 2017

Laverne's Maiden Voyage

One thing you can always count on in Idaho is sweeping changes in our weather.  In less than a week we went from hail storms and frozen rain all over everything the next day to a gloriously warm and sunny weekend.  And when that happens RVs and campers hit the road!

We were more than ready for a weekend getaway, let me tell you.  Have I mentioned it was a loooooong winter?  I got off work early that day to take my youngest to the orthodontist with the idea in my head that we could get home, throw food in the RV refrigerator and get the heck out of Dodge.  And that is exactly what we did.

I knew that a quick trip to an RV park, not too far from home, would be a great way to test out Laverne and she did great.  Me on the other hand, not so much.  I could feel that blasted migraine creeping up on me all day Friday, but I wasn't about to change plans.  No way!!

I put this first aid kit together with $ store items, a few
items we already had and a plastic bin I had out in the garage

We stayed at a lovely RV park in Hagerman, Idaho about 100 miles from home and we were able to completely hook her up and give her a go.  Everything worked as promised, even the AC.  And I made a list of a few things to add and adjust, but for the most part she is pretty much good to go.

The girls were very excited to cook supper on the old campstove

Saturday was a bust.  Our plans to head to Balanced Rock State Park didn't materialize as I was pretty much down for the count.  But I did discover that Laverne makes a cozy cocoon to be laid up in when you don't feel well.

I love my log cabin plates

It worked out fine for the girls.  My oldest had a ton of homework to get done that day and we had WiFi so my youngest downloaded a new game from Amazon Prime onto her Kindle and was pretty happy with that.  In the meantime I found out that the bed and the couch are both extremely comfortable.

Playing cards

Saturday evening we did a complete walk through the RV park and I took some pictures.  The weather was perfect and even though a storm rolled in around 8:00 that evening and thoroughly drenched everything overnight we were snug and dry in our RV.

The next morning the sun was out once and so was I.  With my head much improved we enjoyed a lovely Sunday breakfast before packing up and heading out.  I washed all of the dishes and cleaned up the place while the girls rolled up their sleeping bags and gathered up dirty clothes in a bag.  My youngest took out the trash while the oldest helped me finish up.

Log cabins to rent at the RV park

Working together it only took us about 30 minutes to get Laverne ready to hit the road which included dumping and flushing the holding tanks as well as rolling up the water and electric lines.  We pulled out at 10:30 and were home by noon.

Pretty snowball bushes
Our old habits from our days with our Scamp apparently haven't left us.  Once home we unloaded the bag of laundry, emptied out the fridge and I vacuumed Laverne from one end to the other while the girls put the food away in the house.  The motorhome  is ready to hit the road once again whenever we are.  Just like we did with our Scamp we are travel ready whenever the urge strikes, which is one of the reasons I really like having an RV.

So I consider our maiden voyage a whopping success with the only headache being the one in my head.  Everything else went as well as we could have hoped for.  Now, whereto next?


  1. Sounds like (and looks like) you had a great time! Dang migraine tho, I get them too :o(


    1. They suck, don't they? And always show up at the worst possible time.

  2. Sorry about your migraine, but excited to see you and the girls got away in Laverne! Glad she was snug and dry for you all. Your girls are beautiful. I hope you feel great when the next trip pops up!!

    1. Thank you so much, I think they are too, inside and out. And yes, I am determined to feel excellent for our next journey. ;)


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